6 super nutrition foods you should include in your diet

6 super nutrition foods you should include in your diet

Best Super foods to Include in Your Diet:

There are certain foods that contain a certain amount of nutrients needed for a certain part of our body and then there are super foods which are full of vitamins that are useful for our entire body.

They affect our overall health and we can use them in different ways. We’ve put together a list of 6 super foods that you should definitely include in your diet. Eat them now, thank us years later!
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Flax seeds:

Don’t be fooled by their size, these little brown seeds are full of nutrients. High content of omega-3 fatty acid increases the body’s natural oil production and helps keep the skin moisturized.

This is a great super food for weight loss. They are free of cholesterol, so it is very good for your heart. Hair loss is another common problem we face and these seeds are the best way to promote healthy hair.


Coconut oil is the god of super foods. When it comes to this multi-purpose diet, nothing comes close. It can be used for cooking, beauty, eating and anything else imaginable.

Coconut oil is applied to body lotions, face creams and a great moisturizer or skin. High in vitamins, minerals and fiber, it is also excellent in your diet.


Another super food to add to your basket is Instagram-worthy fruit shaded in orange and yellow. With high papain content, it is widely used in skin whitening masks, creams and lotions.

Papaya is rich in Vitamin A, C and E which means it helps prevent health problems like diabetic heart disease. Papaya juice is great for women with irregular cycle because it helps to normalize the cycle.

Lastly, it’s a great source for boosting your immunity.


‘Beauty food’ that your skin needs. Both quinoa products help in making the skin more elastic and healthy in collagen production, helping your skin fight aging signs like wrinkles and age spots.

Another profound benefit is that it has sebum regulating properties, which can help you fight acne. !

Aloe vera:

As wonderful as coconut is, aloe vera is the king of multi-purpose food. The elixir of gel goodness extracted from the interior of the plant.

It is used in a variety of products to treat skin problems, pimples, scars and sunburns. Aloe vera gel can also be used as an independent product to improve the appearance of the skin and slow down aging.

Drinking aloe juice can help cure constipation and heartburn, which in addition to having clear skin can also provide digestive benefits.

Olive oil:

Nothing replaces a healthy dose of olive oil. Use extra virgin olive oil to help maintain blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of cholesterol, heart, breast or digestive problems.

Not only does it add a healthy flavor to your diet, it can also be used as part of your beauty routine. Naturally, it is packed with hydrating properties as well as anti-aging antioxidants.

This is a must-add in your makeup kit, from oiling your hair or nails to applying lip scrub, and olive oil never disappoints.


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