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Generic name: Amiodarone

Brand name: Amiodar, Cordorane, Cordoranex,Panaron, Tachyra.


Amiodarone Use: – It is a long acting antiarrhythmic prominent action being prolongation of APD and ERP in atria, A-V node, conducting tissue and ventricular fibers.

Indications:-Tachyarrhythmia’s associated with W-P-W syndrome, atrial flutter & fibrillation, paroxysmal tachyarrhythmia’s not responding to other agents.

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 (*TD = 3 Times a day*)

(*OD = Once a day*)

(*BD = Twice a day*)

Adult dose:-

Arrhythmias dose:


Loading dose: 800-1600Mg /Oral / OD

Adjustment dose: 600-800 Mg /Oral / OD

Maintenance dose: 400Mg Oral /OD


Initial dose: 1000Mg / OD/ IV

Loading infusions: 150 Mg/min

Maintenance infusion: 540 Mg /18 hours

Maintenance dose:  0.5 mg/min

Supplemental infusions: 15 mg/min

Maximum dose: Initial infusion rate: 30 mg/min

Route of Administration:

May be taken with or without food— Oral, IV,IM

 Frequency: Once a day (OD), twice a day / 2 Times a day (BD), 3 Times a day (TD)

Contra-indications: – Bradycardia, goiter , A.V. block.

Special Precautions: – Pregnancy, lactation, cardiac failure, monitor thyroid & hepatic functions, hypothyroidism, renal disorders, eye disease.

Pediatrics: Not recommended.

Pregnancy Category: C May affect the infant hence contraindicated.

Lactation: May pass in breast milk. Henceforward not to be used.

Side-effects: Micro deposits in cornea, G.I. upsets, photosensitization, pulmonary alveolitis, hepatic & neurological effects.

Mechanism of action: – Amiodarone prolongs to action potential and refractory period in my cardinal tissue, decreases AV conduction ,and decrease sinus node function via blocked of sodium/potassium/calcium/β channel or receptor.

Adverse Drug Reactions:-

Bradycardia, AC block, Congestive heart failure, SA node dysfunction, edema, hypothyroidism, pulmonary toxicity, visual disturbances,

Monitoring Parameter’s:-

»Complete blood count

»Cardiopulmonary status

»Thyroid profile

»Hepatic and renal function


»Ophthalmic exam

General Considerations:-

»Advise patient to take without regard to meals.

»Advise patient to avoid grapefruit juice

»Warn patient to take daily allowance for iodine in low

Amiodarone Major Interactions:


Combination of these drugs can increase the risk of an irregular heart rhythm that may be serious and potentially life-threatening, while it is a relatively infrequent side effect. You may require a dose change or more normal observing and safely use both medicines.


Use amiodarone composed with alfuzosin can increase the risk of an irregular heart rhythm that may be serious and theoretically dangerous, although it is a relatively occasional side effect. If you experience of fainting, dizziness, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, or heart palpitations during usage with these medicines.


Using these amiodarone and arbutamine is not suggested. Captivating these medicines composed can affect the rhythm of your heart. Consult your doctor if you have chest tightness, uneven heartbeat, nausea, blurred vision. You may require a dose change or more normal observing and safely use both medicines.

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