Ayurveda remedy for dengue At home

Ayurveda remedy for dengue At home

If this fever is infected, the digestive tract is damaged. As a result, the body increases tartar. It accumulates in the blood, joints and all the tissues of the body. The result is fever and body pains. There are no major differences between the common fever and the dengue fever. The difference cannot be taught unless it is well maintained. If those differences are not known, it is unlikely that it will be diagnosed as dengue, or that it requires special treatment.

Symptoms of Dengue:

Along with the headache, there are Pulling eyes and Pain in eyes

These include body pains, muscle pains, and osteoarthritis.

Vomiting or nausea.

Unlike rashes on the skin, most of the body is reddened.These three are the most common symptoms of dengue.

However, not all three are necessarily the same in any of the two.

Along with these symptoms; the reddish skin appears white for a while until you press it.

Dengue virus damages the bone marrow and gradually reduces the number of platelets in the blood.

The result is blood loss of the natural characteristic of freezing.

This is why at one stage bleeding occurs. Vomiting symptoms include headaches and vomiting.

Skin redness is a bile symptom. Because of these two symptoms, Ayurveda dengue is called ‘vatappittu fever’.


It is important to remove the mold that causes the body to become sick. When the tortoise is reduced, the pain subsides.

However, the turtle retains all the tissue, so it is difficult to separate it out.

So you can only drain it by burning it. Zingiber, Thippatiga (Tinospora cordifolia), long peppers(pippalas), Tunga mustalu are all medicinal elements.

Apart from these, Amrtadi guggullu and Mustakaristam are important. If not, to what extent is the Swelling, and to what extent is the inflammation present in the tissue? Ayurvedic doctors decide which medicines to give.

Thippatiga (Tinospora cordifolia) tablets are very useful for boosting immunity. Taking them one in the morning and one at night will increase immunity.

When there is no problem of dengue and chikungunya routinely increase the immunity of a pill a day.

If you have a digestive tract, take a spoonful of Chyawanprash per day.

Infusions to get rid of dengue:

We can make homemade infusions of some anti-viral and anti-viral agents that can be used at all ages.

For this, approximately handful basil leaves, handful Betel leaves, handful bishopsweed (vamu)  leaves (not found) are very tender, not too dark, half a cup neem leaves, with three garlic, half a spoon of pepper and 400g of spoonful’s. Place in 150ml of water. 200ml from. All privileges held in reserve.

The infusion is filtered into four portions of the solution and consumed for about four times a day.

If it is not good, drink at least three. If necessary, add some jaggery.

For young children, five or six drops are not a problem.

Doing so reduces their anti-viral fever and pain.

If the platelets fall off:

The mash of papaya pale leaves is very effective in dengue prevention. In the morning, a spoonful of papaya pale leaves is mashed and a spoon is taken in the evening to increase the platelets in two days.


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