Before putting on a eyeliner

Before putting on a eyeliner

Driblet eyeliner is beautiful to the eyes. The eyeliner doubles the eyesight. Beauty and eye health…

»Wash the face cleanly before wiping the eyeliner and wipe the eyes wet.

»Most sweat-prone skinheads should eyeliner their face with ice pieces when they are in bloom. This reduces sweating and thus reduces eyeliner.

»Before wiping the eyeliner, wipe the eyeliner with a soft cloth. This will wipe out the oily on the eyelids. Or if a little powder is applied around the eyes, the skin absorbs the oily powder and the eyes are fresh.

»A eyeliner in the upper part of the eyelid is more likely to break.Therefore, eyeliner between the eyelids.Light color eye shadow as a base for the eyes before eyeliner can be avoided.

»A quality eyeliner should be used. If eyeliner are used, itchy eyes and burning sensation should be stopped immediately.


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