Corona Virus :Covid second wave high popular burden, new highlights, where the subsequent wave appears to be unique from the first

Corona Virus

India suffers second wave of Covid-19:

After a while, we notice an increase in covid cases in India. The second wave of covid that hit India is causing a widespread increase in infections.

As the number of cases has crossed the 3.16 lakh mark in recent days (in the month of April), experts are now concerned that apart from re-influencing the need for second wave limits, it will be much worse than the first.

What is driving the second covid wave in India?

second covid wave

Image Source: second covid wave

Despite the discovery or mitigation precautions of the double mutant variant, there is evidence that second-year infections are spreading with much greater severity than last year.

The next four weeks (until the end of April) are crucial to controlling this surge, the health ministry said in a recent report.

What is really the reason for the increase in cases right now?

Compassionate behavior and new, horrible covid mutations have raised concerns, and doctors across the country are also reporting a change in the way it causes infectious symptoms.

What you need to know:

In a hospital that has grown from abnormal signs, the latest medical results from the state of Gujarat, which are still battling a massive Kovid surge, India’s second covid wave is very different from the first. Here are some observations.

Does the virus cause various symptoms? :

The new, mutated Covid species, including the Brazilian and Kent variants, are said to be very strong and capable of causing more symptoms and attacking vital organs more severely.

According to current research from hospitals across India, people who test positive for the virus are now reporting different viral symptoms, in addition to the usual signs and symptoms of covid-19.

As indicated by Gujarat specialists, patients are presently displaying surprising manifestations of the infection, including stomach torment, sickness, regurgitating and surprisingly a virus.

Lack of typical symptoms such as fever and cough now warn patients to get tested even if they do not show normal signs.

Different manifestations usually seen in Covid patients are joint agony, muscle throbs, gastrointestinal issues, shortcoming and loss of hunger.
Interestingly, the detection of abnormal signs and vague symptoms other than covid-19 fever or cough has also been highlighted during recent, second and third wave infections that have hit the UK and other European countries.

Are infections becoming serious?

Most covid cases may be mild or asymptomatic. However, as the virus changes its course and begins a more lethal attack on the body, the severity of the infections also appears to be present.

The severity and complications that pose the highest risk to those suffering from comorbidity also increase the need for hospitalization and the health care system can collapse if the condition is not controlled in a timely manner.

Although the present evidence is premature, many experts believe that the covid mutations or the terrifying double mutant virus found in Maharashtra have the potential to attack the body in a different way.

The new strain, for example, is highly potent and easily spreads to the lungs, airways and causes pneumonia, a deadly covid problem.

Do not ignore gastrointestinal symptoms:

gastrointestinal symptoms

Image Source: gastrointestinal symptoms

More gastrointestinal complaints are also being recorded now than in the past.

Although gastrointestinal symptoms may not be obvious at first, doctors now suspect that the virus strongly attaches to the overload of ACE2 entry receptors in the gastrointestinal tract and causes diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, pain, and vomiting.

Excessive infection and infections also increase the chances of attacking vital organs and cause symptoms. Therefore, people are advised to be very careful and watch for early signs of infection to avoid further complications.

High viral load?:

viral load

Image Source: viral load

Viral load refers to a virus (SARS – COV-2) that is present in a person’s bloodstream, which is taken through diagnostic tests. While there may be many reasons behind the high viral load, a high number usually appears as a sign of infection progression.

In the case of covid-19, the high viral load also affects the transmission rate of the infection. As currently seen, people who test positive for the virus also exhibit a higher viral load, which means that the rate of infection, and reconstitution may also be higher.

Again, although the findings are currently based on preliminary research and are subject to further research, it is due to the very terrifying UK and Brazilian species.

The virus also affects healthy people:

The virus is said to cause many complications in the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. However, as the tides get worse and the prevention rules are generally ignored, many young people also suffer from problems and end up in hospitals.

Some are also prone to complications such as bilateral pneumonia, which can be almost fatal to covid patients.

Children also suffer from the same bad implications. Fundamentally the Complications, for example, those seen in uncommon pediatric Covid cases (Multi Systemic Inflammatory Syndrome) are currently getting more clear.

The need for vaccination is very important:


Image Source: vaccination

There is some concern that the set of vaccines currently being offered in India (covaxin, covishield) may not work effectively against new mutations, as the mutated virus can easily bypass antibodies and still spread the infection.

Although it is a major burgeoning threat, doctors recommend that people be vaccinated regularly, as there is strong clinical evidence that vaccines can reduce severity, mortality, and chronic covid problems.

It can also reduce the risk of viral load and pathogenesis, as well as the risk of secondary infections.


When rolling vaccines, it is important to continue to wear well-fitted masks and follow all public health measures.

The new surge in covid-19 cases is of great concern and the spread of the virus is in our hands. Wash your hands regularly and clean exposed surfaces frequently.


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