Corona virus journey into the human body

Corona virus journey into the human body

corona virus

What happens after the corona virus enters the body? The renowned Medical Journal published Lancet’s key information. Accordingly

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Onset of symptoms for 1–3 days:

Corona symptoms                                                                 

Initially, symptoms of respiratory problems can be seen through the nose and throat.

* A little fever comes on the first day.

* Cough and sore throat will start from the third day.

Stage of symptoms:

Symptoms can manifest within 14 days after the virus is enters into the body. However. Research in China has shown that the average time taken to expose symptoms is 5 days.

Similar symptoms occur in 80% of the victims.

Within 4-9 days enters into the lungs:

corona serious symptoms

»The pathogen virus reaches the lungs within 3-4 days

»Hard to breathe for 4-9 days

»Within 8-15 days, the lungs may develop severe respiratory problems

»14% of virus victims have similar problems.

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Reaches into the blood within 8-15 days:

corona blood test

* Infection reaches the bloodstream from the lungs.

* By the end of the week … poisoning will reach a life threatening level

Those who need to be included in the ICU are 5%.

Third week is the most important step:

within 28 days

After 21 days, the victim is discharged from the hospital or rarely dies.

Discharge: Naturally 18 to 25 days the symptoms go down and the victims go home. The number of victims coming out safely is more than 95%.

Usually between 15-22 days, the elderly die of symptoms. This is more of a sick person. The death rate is the lowest so far.

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