Disorders that cause fevers rainy season? Diarrhea, Hunta Virus

Fever causes

Today let’s learn about some other ailments that can cause fever in the rainy season.

Disorders that cause fevers rainy season?

Apart from malaria, typhoid and dengue fever during the monsoon season, fevers also occur with certain ailments.

Fever is thought to be common during the rainy season. But the factors for those fevers are different.

Therefore, you should consult with the doctors to avoid the fever which has caused fever, and to know about the infection that caused the fever.

If the fever is present, it is possible to meet the doctors in a timely manner.

some disorders that cause fevers. 

Diarrhea: –


Image source: Diarrhea Problem

»Diarrhea is very common during in this period, Inflammation in toddler and elderly with diarrhea.

»Patients recover quickly if fever is treated as soon as possible with viral diarrhea. Diabetes is accompanied by cholera and fever.

»If you have a fever for the elderly and children with vomiting and diarrhea, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Hunta Virus:-

hanta virus

Image source: Infected mouses

»The main characteristic of hantavirus spreading through the feces of rodents is fever.

»This virus, which reaches the lungs, can cause fever, headaches, pains and vomiting.

Japanese Encephalitis:-

»Brain inflammation is the most common Japanese encephalitis disease in children and the elderly.

»Fever, skin aches, headache are the main symptoms, Irritable Bowel syndrome, rarely fits also in the disease.

»There is also the risk that the patient may go into a coma if not treated properly.

»Based on a coma scale, the disease diagnosed in the brain and treated accordingly. Concerned about monsoon fevers?  Flexible control.

»Hygiene, storage water, mosquitoes, flies, pets and worms are the main cause of monsoon fever! So you have to make sure that they are not damaged.

»For this purpose, they must be provided with an inhospitable environment, Make sure that there is no water in the neighborhood, Tire, coconut pans and pits should be kept in close proximity to rainwater harvesting materials.

»Wash hands thoroughly before eating and after washing.

»Keep lids on food items, Drink warm and filter water. Maintenance to pets clean.Wear clothing that covers the whole body without mosquito bites.

»Mosquito screens mostly used. Mosquito repellants important to used. Following these precautions can help to prevent health problems in the rainy season due to a variety of illnesses.


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