Don’t let the skin dry

Don’t let the skin dry!

During this period the skin dries quickly. Also appears inanimate. If you want to do makeup at this time…

Mask is a must even with a little makeup; the skin must look good to make it look fresh. Apply a mask that softens the skin once a week. It’s overnight. Add honey, yoghurt and oatspotti all together. Rinse after a quarter. If the yogurt cleanses and moisturizes the skin … honey softens the skin. Oats eliminate carcasses and reduce the drying problem. Otherwise … coffee can be masked. Add coffee, chocolate, honey and mix. Dryness is a coating that reduces the problem and brightens the skin. All skin types can try this coating.

Use Moisturizer:

Moisturizer cream

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Before applying makeup, moisturizer is a must. Immediately after cleansing the face, apply a good moisturizer to the skin and massage it gently. With this little care, makeup can last for hours and leaves the skin dry. Before applying a moisturizer … rub it with a little ice cream immediately after cleansing the face … the makeup stays fresh longer.

No Matty:

No Matty

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Compared to the rest of the time … this time the foundation should also take care of the choice. Matty type should not be used in the original. Apply a little primer on the face if it comes up. If you rub it, the skin may not grow. Put the sponge slowly and put it there. It is also necessary to use a little sunscreen.

Blinking Eyes:


Image Source:Blinking Eyes

It is advisable not to overdo the eyes during this period. Just wearing mascara is enough. When needed … Shimmer Eyeliner should be used for evening celebrations.

Before using lipstick:


Image Source:lipstick

Dry lips are common during this period. If you don’t want that problem to happen … you should first remove the dead cells on the lips. Sprinkle a little sugar on the toothbrush and rub on the lips. Then apply cream lipstick. The lips are dry. Dark red lipsticks are now the right choice. If the color of the lipbalm lifts … a little sunscreen lotion … the lips will not look dry.


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