Fevers in the rainy season


How to diagnose  fevers in rainy season?

Today we will learn about feverish fever in the rain:-

»Swamps, mudslides and overflowing drainage’s wherever rainy season occurs.

»These association is bother with all this!  But some creatures who also like this climate.

»During the rainy season, monsoon fever is accompanied by severe fever.

»So you have to be very alert to these fevers in the rainy season.

Fevers in the rainy season:-

»Bacteria and viruses that spread in the atmosphere during the rainy season can cause many types of fever.

»They enter the body through fleas, mosquitoes and microorganisms and cause fevers.

Fever due to cold weather:-

malaria in high fever

Image source: Cold Fever

»Fever due to cold weather, unclean surroundings, polluted food and water  Most fevers, however caused by mosquitoes.

»The fever varies depending on the type of mosquito.

»Various types of fever in the rain:


»Malaria is develope by mosquitoes.

»Most malaria-causing mosquitoes bite at night.

»Vivax, falciparum, ovale, malaria, malaria, these four types of malaria are the two most common     species in our area.

»These two types of fever different in health problems caused by mosquitoes.

»Also the treatments for them are different.

 Falciparum malaria:-

»Complications in falciparum malaria are high,Treatment should be started immediately after diagnosis.

»Otherwise there is a risk of kidney failure and lungs’ infection, So the tests should be given as soon as possible.

Vivax :-

»The infection patient has been in the body for 12 to 18 weeks since the onset of vivax fever.

»Vivax parasite accumulates in the body and the red blood cells in the blood start to spoil faster, So fast treatment is required.

Malaria Symptoms:-

»cold fever.

vunbearable headache.

»extremely lethargic.

»Vomiting’s is also present.

How to diagnose malaria:-

malaria test

Image source: Malaria test kit

Malaria can  diagnosed by a blood test.


There are effective treatments for malaria.

chloro-quine tablets

Image source: Chloro-quine Tablets

»A blood test can end malaria with chloro-quine, Doctors prescribe oral tablets and injections depending on the percentage of parasite reached in the body.

»malaria parasites that entairs the body end up in 2 – 3 days

»Fever can be controlled within 36 – 48 hours if effective treatment is provided.


I’m sharing about the basic knowledge and  The more you share knowledge , the more knowledge grows.

If you have any questions and complaints and more information for consult your “Family Doctor” or “Personal “Doctor”.

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