Food safety precautions during the rainy season, Food in rainy season?

Rainy season food safety

Let’s learn how to take care of food in the rainy season today.

Food safety precautions during the rainy season.

»Food is so overwhelming that it can even cause disease.

»That is why it is important to be vigilant about food during this season,and its impotent to food safety precautions.

»Along with clean food, drink only water that is supposed to be cooled down (warm water).

Fresh vegetables and fruits:-


Image source: High rich fruits

»High priority for vegetables.

»Chapati (Roti) is better for digestible hot rice than bread, Frequently taken fruits.

»Diarrhea if yogurt rice, buttermilk, O.R.S should be given any liquids.

»Hepatitis-E  is a complication that can arise when a liver is exposed. are also the cause of contaminated food and beverages, diarrhea  is appears to be the main characteristic of this virus, ignored and there is a risk of liver damage.

»Separate the roots of hepatitis-B and C.  ‘These can be caused by sexual injections, either by injecting blood or by injection.

»However, there are only vaccines for hepatitis B.

Except for hepatitis A and E, hepatitis B and C are unrelated to the environment.

»Often times, these are just some of the common problems that come with the rainy season and some people tend to be careless.

»These problems can overcome only if that trend is broken!

Foods not to be eaten during the rainy season:-

»It is better not to go into some food slippage during the discussion.  Say ‘no’ to cider, cane juice, lassi and yogurt.

»It is better not to eat potatoes, sprouted nuts, lentils, gourds and other substances that cause indigestion.

Street Food:-


Image source: Street food

»stop eat fat-rich samosa, pakoda, burgers, salty emeralds and chutneys, If you use corn and olive oils instead of avocados and sesame oils, digestive problems can arise.

»The digestive system does not properly digest enzymes found in green foods.  So this season should be away from that food.

»Bacteria and other microorganism’s growth on non-cooked foods,

»Don’t eat eat fruits with water such as watermelon or spinach ,celery dishes and salads at restaurants, parties and functions.

»Microorganisms can spread rapidly in such places,

»Better not to eat raw egg and sea foods in the rainy season.

»Such a precautions can enjoyed in the rainy season.


If you have any questions and complaints and more information for consult your “Family Doctor” or “Personal “Doctor”.

I’m sharing about the basic knowledge and  The more you share knowledge , the more knowledge grows.

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