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Girls don’t be late


Girls … don’t be late:

It’s hard to jump into a career with a clock! But have you noticed that the biological clock is damaged in that order especially if girls are not alert to this … pregnancy and childbirth problems should be avoided!

It is difficult to conceive from a very young age of 14 to 18 years! Pregnancy after 30 Years the age of marriage is 20 to 25 years. The uterus does not fully bloom before this age.

The body does not grow well enough to conceive. Between 20 and 25 years of age, quality ovaries are released. So that a healthy baby can be born.

The quality of the ovaries begins to decline after the age of 25 years. So those who want to have healthy children must give birth to a child before the age of 30.

If you want to postpone the pregnancy for personal reasons, the eggs should be stored in an egg bank. You can then conceive when necessary.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is:

Sleep, diet and exercise are important factors for pregnancy. There are some reasons why children do not have any physical illness in their husbands. Balanced diet, regular exercise, and 8 hours of sleep per day .

Monthly problems arise. The release of the ovules is attic. The chances of conceiving are narrowing. Therefore, you should follow a healthy lifestyle by taking nourishment, sleeping with eyes, and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.

Is the Biological Clock Damaged:

It is natural for the biological clock of employees to spend the day sleeping and clinging to desks at night. The result is… fluctuations in monthly leaks, inversions in dates.

When biological clock performance is impaired, hormone release in the body is also manipulated. The monthly order is broken. This will reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Embryo Allergy:

Premature pregnancy and repeated miscarriage is a major problem facing young women today. This problem is called embryo allergy in medical terms. Those with these allergies will rejuvenate the body. The pregnancy does not stop monthly. If the fetus is conceived as a result of implantation in the uterus, the fetus will be discharged along with monthly secretions. This is happening so naturally that they do not realize it. If the monthly dose is regular, the child should not have any contraceptives for a year and if the baby does not have an embryo allergy.

Pregnancy – Diabetes:

When gestational diabetes arises during pregnancy, it is called gestational diabetes. This condition can arise for anyone with or without diabetes during pregnancy.

Especially if parents have diabetes, they are more likely to be diagnosed with gestational diabetes when they are pregnant.

Once this happens, those women will have to suffer from diabetes for the rest of their lives. The unborn child is also more likely to be overweight.

So women in this category should be more careful. Avoid sweeteners starting to conceive. Exercise is an integral part of daily life, from the very beginning of pregnancy.

Women with diabetes should control sugar with medication if they conceive. Ensure proper insulin dose and follow specific dietary requirements, under the supervision of physicians.

What if high blood pressure:

High blood pressure certainly increases when pregnant. Women likewise need to keep blood pressure under control by consulting doctors before they conceive.

Also monitor kidney and liver function. Women who have high blood pressure and are pregnant are at increased risk for epilepsy. So be careful while under the supervision of doctors and perform necessary tests.

Consecutive abortions:

Some people get miscarried within three weeks of pregnancy. During pregnancy, you should be under the supervision of a physician and be aware of the necessary tests.

Doctors diagnose hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, chromosomal disorders, etc … Antibody syndrome can also cause abortions.

There are treatments for these problems. So if you have a miscarriage in a row, you should meet with the doctors without being neglected.


I love sharing basic knowledge occurs when people are honestly interested in helping each other develop new experiences learning processes.

If you have any questions and complaints and more information for consult your “Family Doctor” or “Personal “Doctor”.

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