Glowing skin with disposable porridge

Glowing skin with disposable porridge:

»Porridge was once used as a shampoo and as a hair conditioner. Using porridge makes hair look silkier. Inositol, a carbohydrate in porridge, prevents hair loss.

»Hair loss due to pollution, lifestyle and stress. The amino acids in porridge strengthen the hair follicles. Combine lavender oil in a little porridge and rinse off after ten minutes to serve as a hair conditioner.

»If the skin is pale and blackened, take the porridge in a bowl and rub it on the skin with a cotton ball. Doing this for 15 minutes daily will improve blood circulation. If you put porridge with cotton ball on the pores of the pimples, the holes will be removed for a few days.

»Add some turmeric to the porridge water and mix well. Wiping the face with a cotton ball can remove scars and wrinkles on the face. If not, do this regularly for months.


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