Height sandals yourself

Height sandals yourself

‘High Heels’ is the most loved fashion trend for girls! Heel heels can be used to look stylish, especially in four. However, their use should be limited. Or if you buy a variety of health problems!

Pencil heels, wedges, blunt heels … There are many types of high heels available in the market. Young ladies choose different heights to suit the outfit. But if you wear them for a short distance, you start to feel pain in the toes, feet and toes. Suppose that only the legs with the heel slippers are painful! But actually the use of high heels can damage the entire body, bones, muscles, reproductive system, monthly … external and internal organs.

These are the problems with high heels!

Monthly ordering

Decreased fertility capacity

Monthly pain

Lumbar pain

Gastric problems

Nerve tightening in the abdomen and pain in the area

These problems in adolescents

The hormonal effects of the girls’ bodies, which are already beautiful, are changing in the bodies of adolescent girls. At this age, wearing high heel slippers can damage nerve function in the abdomen, waist and foot. The height of embarrassing the feet at such a young age is the use of heel slippers that shape the foot and can damage the gait. There is also the risk of dislocation of the uterus and downward slip. There may also be future fertility problems. Wearing high heels can cause back problems to the upper back of the waist.

What sandals are good?

In flat sandals, the feet are parallel to the floor and the weight of the body is equal on both feet. The waist and butt are upright. The physique is neat. If heels of the same height are used, bend the front of the waist. Anatomical damage. Ovarian complications may also arise. Endometriosis may also occur.

Should heel heels reduce the impact?

There is no need to worry about high heels sandals as they can cause health problems. We need to develop an understanding of the methods used. Height Heels

Do not wear high heels for more than 20 minutes

Pregnant women should avoid high heels.

Children under the age of 18 should avoid high heels.

Heel heels sandals should be exercised by folding and stretching the feet each time they sit

Wearing wedges instead of a pencil heel is less effective

Heel slippers should be used, but often flat slippers.

High heels should be avoided for long periods of time on hardwood floors.


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If you have any questions and complaints and more information for consult your “Family Doctor” or “Personal “Doctor”.

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