How to Diabetes Can Be Prevent With Natural Life

diabetes Can Be Prevent With Natural Life

Diabetes Can Be Prevent With Natural Life

Many people know that diabetes is not a disease but a side effect of lifestyle disorders. Yet, instead of dismissing thoughts, they are ready to swallow drugs for the rest of their lives.

If you continue to do so, the medications that you wear on a regular basis may not work.

Therefore, diabetes can be effectively controlled by avoiding food and drinks and neglect of body building.

It is imperative to exercise, natural life, natural foods, and above all, exercise as much as possible!

Although the ultimate side effect of diabetes is the cause of the disease, the most common cause is the heredity. However, some precautions can be taken to prevent the effects of inherited genotypes and lead a normal life.

When such measures are not taken, diabetes continues to spread from one generation to the next. Generally, sugar syndrome does not emerge unless there is a genetic predisposition that is often triggered by something else.


obesity precautions

Image source: Fat Stomach

Sugar is more likely to be released quickly if obesity is linked to an earlier “genetic defect. “Extra food is put in storage as fat. But you need insulin to become fat.

There is no fiber in the foods you eat for taste. Glucose goes into the blood stream faster. Clearly, the more glucose in the blood, the more insulin needed to reduce the dose.

Not all steps do that. There is another reason for the onset of ginger diabetes. Above each cell are receptors that bind the insulin molecules.

Decreasing the immune receptors on the cells. If cells are to get glucose, these receptors must be large and powerful. The atmosphere outside the cells must be pure.

When too much salt is added to the outer atmosphere of the cell, the receptors do not work  properly.


diabetes aging prevention

Image source: Old age Parsons

Our bodies are constantly building and destroying cells. Construction has been on the rise for some time and the destruction is minimal. From adolescence to middle age, the formation and destruction of cells are similar.

After passing the nervous system, the percentage of destruction is greater than the formation of cells. As a result, every organ in the body gradually degrades and their functioning decreases.

At some age, the pancreas produces less insulin. This is one of the main reasons many people get sick with old age.


Healthy eating for diabetes

Image source: Vegetables

Nature moves from natural food and towards fast food Under these favorable conditions, the risk of diabetes increases.Here is no fiber in fast food. Eating insulin-rich foods invites sugar.

Psychological stress:-

Workload Stress in Diabetes

Image source: work Stressed women

Adrenaline, non-adrenaline and adrenal corticoids are one of the most common hormones produced by people with severe stress.

When they are high in blood, they increase blood sugar levels. It is in our hands to prevent this disease.  In case of  hereditary sugar disease.

No matter what genes are causing our habits, sugar syndrome does not occur unless those symptoms are nourished.

Even with salt:-

reduce salt in food

Image source: Salt food

If salt is the direct cause of high blood pressure, sugar may be an indirect cause of the disease. Because too much salt can damage the entire chemical system in the body.

It can lead to sugar disease. I am naturally low in sodium (salt) in every cell in the body and should be high in potassium. However, when sodium enters the inside of the cell, the chemical in the cells expels it.

The body loses too much energy to constantly eject the sodium that accumulates in salt eaters. Even if the system crashes at one stage.

This leads to accumulation of salt in the body and an increase in sugar reserves. I eat any food prepared by nature that is high in potassium and low in sodium. The body needs 2, 500 grams of potassium and 280 grams of sodium per day.

However, it is the same problem to start adding salt in dishes. If you throw too much salt, more than half the energy is wasted. This energy deficiency impedes the process of glucose uptake by the cells.

Natural foods contain sodium in the body, so eating sugar does not increase sugar reserves. In addition, salt eaters increased sugar intake and did not decrease with medication.

When salt is high, it stops around the cell membrane. This causes blood vessels to tighten and blood pressure increases.

Sugar Reduces Diet:-

Reduce sugar in food

Image source: Sugar

Diabetics should give preference to foods that increase insulin production, as sugar causes a decrease in insulin in the body.  Insulin is made of proteins.

If the beta cells of the pancreas are to produce insulin, they must be delivered to the desired raw material.  Beta cells absorb sprouted nuts on a regular basis and produce insulin properly.

Insulin hormone decreases with age.  Insulin production decreases with decreased activity of beta cells.  But if the right nutrients are provided, the pancreas is capable of producing insulin at any age.

People with I sugar tend to eat less and avoid fruits altogether.  This can cause blood clots, cramps, cramps on the feet, and inflammation.

Therefore vegetable soups, fruits should be eaten on a regular basis. Anemia problems can be eliminated. Sprouted nuts can cause blood growth.


physical activity and exercise

Image source: Exercise

It is also important to exercise and eat before you eat. Therefore, physical activity and exercise should be given high priority of swimming,Walking and yoga. Choose something and do it regularly. All the systems in the body function properly.


I’m sharing about the basic knowledge and  The more you share knowledge , the more knowledge grows.

If you have any questions and complaints and more information for consult your “Family Doctor” or “Personal “Doctor”.

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Thank you.

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