How to identify vitamin A deficiency causes, problems?

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Learn More About Vitamin A Today How To Recognize Vitamin-A Deficiency.

How to identify vitamin-A deficiency:-

»According to the World Health Organization statistics, two million to five million children worldwide suffer from blindness every year due to vitamin-A deficiency.

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»Half of them die within 12 months of losing sight, vitamin -A deficiency  detected by examining the levels of retinal in the blood serum.

28-86 micrograms of vitamin- A in the blood of normal people.

Anything less than 28 micrograms  considered defective.

However, before the diagnosis of this defect, the body does not receive vitamin A

»Because large amounts of vitamin A  stored in the liver and released when needed, insufficiency causes the liver to become depleted.

»Is it due to Vitamin A deficiency through ‘rad scotometry and electretinography’ tests when the eye is damaged? Or for some other reason?

Vitamin-A deficiency causes many problems:-

»Vitamin A deficiency  mostly caused by malnutrition, especially high in areas where rice and bread are the main staple foods.

»Retinal is essential for the formation of rhodopsin, a pigment in the retina of the eye. Vitamin A deficiency in certain digestive foods such as fats and liver diseases, The nightmare comes, It may cause vision loss.

»Dry eyes can cause problems as tears not produced,  ability to detect colors in the eyes narrowed. Eventually, there may be a complete blindness,  Its deficiency causes skin to lose its sensitivity and become rough, Impact on reproductive activities. Respiratory problems arise that can damage the mucous membrane surrounding the lungs.

»Vitamin A can be taken in the form of supplements, However, if its dose is exceeded, the side effects are very dangerous, Dietary intake of vitamin-A for long periods of time can damage the liver.

»Skin, neurological problems, hair loss, and loss of bones.

Essential for young children:-

Vitamin – Essential for any young child especially:-

»Vitamin A is very essential especially in young children, Its deficiency slows their growth, Problems with vision impairment.

»Vitamin A deficiency causes the cornea in the front of the eye to soften and burst, Because of it comes permanent blindness,

»The flower in the eye means white dots, increase the risk of any other illnesses. Infants are particularly susceptible to a variety of infections.

Vitamin- A Available Substances:-


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 Vitamin-A contains two types:-

»One is retinol in animal products, second is the beta carotene, which is a botanical.

»This beta carotene becomes retinal in the liver and intestines.

»Foods rich in retinol include milk, eggs, meat, butter, liver, fish oil and kidneys.

»Beta carotene mostly found in fruits and vegetables, which are darker and more brightly colored. It is also rich in leafy vegetables, oranges, carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini, broccoli, apricots and whole grains.


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