Some infections during pregnancy, such as high blood pressure, are different. Diabetes is coming apart!

There are many reasons for this problem called the Gestational Diabetes Exchange.

Although it only appears during pregnancy. Experts say that taking the right treatment can be dangerous.

Studies show that one out of every seven pregnant women in our country has diabetes. This condition, known as gestational diabetes, does not usually precede pregnancy.

Within nine months of birth, the birth will be reduced. A decade ago this situation was only one in every ten people. But now the number has improved.

If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you should definitely take some precautions. Otherwise it is an accident!

The reason for the lifestyle:

This problem is most likely in the twenty-fourth week after pregnancy. But now studies show that the first quarter is coming. There are details for this.

The way of life was once a way of life. But now. the number of eaters of junk food and processed foods has increased greatly.

Many people lose weight by not exercising fasting and not exercising. Some people who have had PCOD since their pregnancy are also suffering from this problem. Everyone has insulin receptors. They monitor glucose levels.

In most people who suffer from PCOD, they are not functioning properly. They requisite more insulin. That is called insulin obstruction.

If they are not treated properly, overweight or not exercising, they are more likely to develop diabetes in the future, especially during pregnancy.

Usually hormones are delivered to the baby from the placenta and the baby develops. But sometimes those hormones block the insulin in the mother’s body.

This causes the mother to be unable to use insulin in her body. Diabetes comes at the same time.

Both of the mother and child:

Diabetes at this time usually decreases after childbirth. But if it is not properly restrained, the impact will be on both parents.

Especially if the mother conceives a second time in the future, there is a fifty percent chance of developing diabetes again.

They may also have high blood pressure during pregnancy. Urinary tract, genital infections, abortions. There are numerous inconveniences.

In such cases, the amniotic water increases, this lasts for months. Sometimes doctors may perform a pre-delivery cesarean, depending on the baby’s weight.

The baby has the risk of losing the baby for the last month without proper glucose. However this is rarely case.

Gain weight:

If the mother has diabetes and is not diagnosed during the first trimester, there is an increased risk of developing baby Disabled.

There may also be cardiovascular problems. Blood sugar accumulates in the baby through the placenta. Gradually become fat and the baby is overweight.

This condition causes them to develop diabetes at an early age. Others have low blood sugar levels and are at risk of respiratory problems. Sometimes the baby is not in the right place in the womb.

How to identify:

Diabetes is usually diagnosed with a glucose challenge test in the first month and sixth month. Pregnant women are more likely to have this problem after crossing the border.

People with BMI are more than thirty. People who have been diagnosed with diabetes during the past pregnancy are 50% more likely to have a current pregnancy.

Glucose challenge should be tested for at least nine months before any cause is known. Endocrinologist and dietitian supervision is essential, not just gynecologist.

Only two to three percent of people with diabetes need insulin. Everything else can be overcome with little change.

That’s how it is:

The Nutrition should be preferred. This will not only keep blood sugars in check, but also increase the weight. There should be a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and unripe grains.

They get a lot of fiber in the body. Increase calories and calories. Refined carbs and sweeteners should be avoided.

Mainly Regular physical exercise is a must. it enables control to glucose levels. Exercise is not the only thing that reduces the risk of back pain, muscle aches, leg pains and constipation during pregnancy.

It is easy to own a coastal body after childbirth. It is also good to walk twice a day for half an hour. On the off chance that you are overweight. Make sure to reduce it three to four months before pregnancy.

Pregnant women need to make sure that the blood sugar in the morning is 90 / MGDL and 120 / MGDL after eating.

No matter how much food you eat during the day, it should not exceed 2500 calories. Pregnant women gain weight from ten to twelve kg. But people with diabetes need to grow seven or eight kg.

Insulin ought to be maintained a strategic distance from. Stress can likewise prompt this issue. So listening to songs, reading books, watching movies.

Approximately must be done. In particular, the concern that diabetes is present should be avoided.


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