If you want to live longer, walk faster


The latest study shows that faster walkers tend to live longer than others.

fast walking

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An article has recently been published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

Researchers from the National Health Research Institute of Britain (NIHR) and the Leicester Biomedical Research Center have collected a total of 4 million 74 thousand 919 data.

This research has shown that man’s weightlessness is associated with increased lifespan.

Studies have shown that weight gain is slower for people who have a slower life span.

Such men, on average, are 64. 8 years, 72 women. Calculated to live for 4 years.

Slower walkers were twice as likely to have a heart attack compared to those who were faster.

Research has shown that this effect is similar to smoking habits and BMI.

Our research helps to clarify the effect that physical fitness has on lifespan compared to individuals’ body weight.

In other words, body mass index (BMI) is probably the best indicator of life expectancy.

To increase the lifespan of people. It says to encourage the habit of walking faster.


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