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Generic name: Metoprolol

Brand name: Cardimet, Actocard,Betaloc, Asoprol,Blumeta,Embeta,Gudpres-Xl,Lopresor,Mepol,Meteor-Xl,Metol,Metolar,Metolod,Met-Xl,Mintor-Xl,Nexmet-Xl,Opol,Revelol-Xl,Roleton,Seloken-Xl,Selopres,Zoticus.

Category/class: Beta- blocker’s.

Metoprolol Use : It is the prototype of cardio selective (B1) blockers. Its efficiency to barrier internal organ stimulation is analogous to propranolol possible to worsen bronchial asthma, however not entirely safe. It may also be preferred to propranolol in diabetics receiving insulin or oral hypoglycemic.

Indications: Hypertension, angina pectoris, acute myocardial infarction.

Metoprolol InjectionMetoprolol Tablets

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 (*TD = 3 Times a day*)

(*OD = Once a day*)

(*BD = Twice a day*)

Adult Dosage:-

Metoprolol Adult Dosage

Pediatric Dosage:-

Metoprolol Pediatric Dosage

Route of Administration:

May be taken with or without food— Oral, IV, IM

Frequency: Once a day (OD), twice a day / 2 Times a day (BD), 3 Times a day (TD)

Contra-indications: cardiac failure, Bradycardia, COPD ,cardiogenicshock, 2nd or 3rd degree A.V. block,  Br. Asthma,Verapamil treatment.


Pregnancy Category: C  May effect the fetus.

Lactation: May pass in breast milk. Hence use only if clearly indicated.

Side-effects: Headache, nightmares, hypotension, eye and skin reactions, bradycardia.

Mechanism of action:-

Metoprolol was the first βadrenergic blocking agent to show relative cardioselective

blocking activity, with relatively less blockade of the β2-receptors in the lung.

Stimulation of renin secretion is blocked. Cardiac contractility is decreased, thus diminishing cardiac output. Sympathetic output is decreased centrally. Reduction in heart rate decreases cardiac output.

Adverse drug reactions:-

»Cradiovasculr:hypotension,bradycardia,cardiac failure,cebrovascular accident.


»Dermatology:pruritus,skin rash


General Considerations:-

Advice Patient to take immediate-release tablets with food.

Instruct patient to refrain from driving or performing heavy activities during this therapy. warn patient against abrupt withdrawal.

Monitoring Parameters:-

»Blood pressure


»Heart rate.

Metoprolol Major Interactions:


Consult your doctor if you have any experience of nausea, vomiting, insomnia, tremors, restlessness, uneven heartbeats, or difficulty breathing. If your doctor does recommend these medications composed, you may requirement a dose change or safely use alternated medicines.


Using metoprolol and Clonidine lower your blood pressure and slow your heart rate. Consult your doctor if you have any experience of slow heartbeat, headaches, dizziness. You may requirement a dose change or regular check  blood pressure and safely use both medicines. Diltiazem+Metoprolol:-Consult your doctor if you have any experience of fatigue, headache, fainting, swelling of the extremities, weight gain, shortness of breath, chest pain, irregular heartbeat or increased or decreased heartbeat. You may requirement a dose adjustment or need your blood pressure checked more often to safely use both medications.

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