Most Common Monsoon Diseases,Their Prevention and Information

monsoon diseases

Most Common Monsoon Diseases and prevention in in the rainy season?

Learn about the various diseases and their prevention in the monsoon season.

»Where there is a polluted environment, naturally rodent migration is also high.

monsoon infections

Image source: Virus infected persons

»Leptospirosis may be caused by water injected into the urine of rats.

»The virus in the urine is accompanied by fever, which causes tremors, headaches and muscle aches in mostly monsoon season.

»This virus can damage the liver and cause jaundice.

»In addition, the kidneys may be damaged.  Others also have the risk of falling off the platelets.

»Dengue fever is characterized by severe fever, high blood pressure, and decreased platelets

»The person should be rushed to the hospital as soon as those symptoms appear.

»In addition, the sodium and salts are reduced.

»Blood pressure can also drip.

»Abdominal pain is also existent.

»these diseases spread during the monsoon season.

If rainy season diseases are neglected:

»Neglecting diseases during the year is a huge cost.

sick in monsoon season in swine-flu

Image source: Virus infected female patient

»Medical treatment should be started immediately if cholera, malaria, dengue, swine flu and any  infection

»Liver or kidney can be dehydrated if left Recklessness.

»Metabolism is stagnant and can be fatal once in a while.

»Stress on the heart can cause a heart attack and can even lead to fatalities in the monsoon season.

Preventive Ways to Prevent Disease in Monsoon:-

»During the monsoon season, malaria and dengue can easily protect themselves from these two diseases.

»The first is to keep the surroundings clean in monsoon season.

»Contaminated weather, contaminated food and drinks can have an impact.

»However, young girls, the elderly, people with chronic diabetes, and organ transplants are more likely to get sick more quickly in monsoon season.

»In addition to those with asthma, COPD, other lung diseases and kidney problems there is also an increased risk of infection with the virus and bacteria’s in monsoon season.

cold infections

Image source: Viral infected cold Patient

»Those who are vaccinated with pneumococcal, influenza, and swine-flu are recommended.

»However, it should not be ignored whether these vaccines were taken.

»Special attention should be paid to food and beverage hygiene.

»If any infection is suspected, there should be no delay, blood tests should be taken immediately if it is found to be a disease treatment should be taken immediately in monsoon season.


If you get any of these diseases during the monsoon season, the sooner you seek medical treatment, is better. people care full in monsoon season diseases and get well soon.

I’m sharing about the basic knowledge and  The more you share knowledge , the more knowledge grows.

If you have any questions and complaints and more information for consult your “Family Doctor” or “Personal “Doctor”.

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