Natural Homemade Skin Care Tips for Women, Glowing Tips-08

Natural Home made tips

Natural Homemade Skin Care Tips for Women-08

Natural skin care tips

Rose Petals with Glowing Skin:-

Rose Patel's

Image Source: Rose Petals

If your skin changes its colour and looks like glow less…. Then take few amount of rose petals and boil when those petals are highly wormed then mix one spoon of honey and vaporize your face it open skin pores and clean and makes glowing  skin

In rainy season there are many chances to occur cracks on feet, bacterial and fungal infections. To get relief from these problems:-

Healthy Feet

Image Source:- Healthy Feet

Take one quarter cup of turmeric powder mix equal quantity of rose water and make it as semisolid paste apply this on your feet after 20 minutes make a wash with slightly warm water.

It gives anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect and keeps healthy feet.

After cleaning apply any moisturizing cream to feet.

Multan sand powder, neem powder, lavender oil mix these ingredients and make it as paste apply it on feet and clean it after 30 minutes.

It keeps good blood circulation and rid of bacteria. After cleaning this take Olivia oil and make a massage to feet for few minutes

Take henna powder and mix rose water in it apply this where there is itching problem on your feet it give relief from itching and other infections

Take one cup of water and few amount of mint ( pudina ) leafs and warm this water after cooling it apply this with mint leafs and scrub on feet. It gives antiseptic effect and rid of bad smell from feet

Pores skin for Honey and sugar:-

Pores skin

Image Source:- Pores skin

Honey and sugar take these ingredients equal amount and mix gently apply on face and scrub smoothly after 15 minutes make a face wash with slightly warm water this remove oil, dirt on your skin and clean pores of skin


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