Natural Homemade Skin Care Tips For Women -06


Natural Homemade  Skin Care Tips For Women

Yogurt and honey for skin care:-

Natural Homemade Skin Care Tips For Women                                               

Image source: Yogurt, honey face pack

Yogurt is not only good for health, but also for skin care. Yogurt contains zinc, calcium, b – vitamins and lactic acid. These are not only for facial beauty but also for treating acne on the face.

Treat face packs with honey or lemon juice separately. and  It brightens the face.

Lustrous Skin with tomatoes:-

Lustrous Skin with tomatoes

Image source: Tomatoes

Healthy skin for Tomatoes for smooth, moist and lustrous skin, lycopene in tomato, phytochemicals protect the skin from free radicals in ultraviolet rays.

Glossy with Fruit Pack:-

Shining Skin with Fruit Pack

Image source: Face Fruit pack

The face pack is made with fruit.  Remove the ripe papaya pulp and soften it and leave it on for 20 minutes.  Then wash your face along with cold water.

Dry skin:

dry skin

Image source: Dry skin

Many people have pale skin that causes inflammation and itching.  In addition, skin scratches can lead to cracking .  In this case, a little water should be paste.

Three teaspoons of turmeric should be applied on the feet and heels.  After half an hour, rinse with lukewarm water and wipe with a dry cloth.  Doing so will lessen this problem.


This is an information purpose about Natural Homemade Beauty Care Tips For Facial glowing in Naturally With Yogurt and honey,Lustrous Skin with tomatoes,Glossy with Fruit Pack,Dry Skin.

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If you have any questions and complaints and more information for consult your “Family Doctor” or “Personal “Doctor”.

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