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Natural skin glowing tips for womens

Natural homemade skin care tips for women’s

Eye Dark Circles Problem:-

Eye dark cycles

Image Source: Eye dark circles

Under eyes dark circles are the biggest problem that show less beauty of your face.

to remove those circles take one table spoon of lemon juice, tomato juice and mix gently then apply like a pack on dark circles do this daily 2 reduces circles slowly and remove completely.

Sun Tan- Remove face Pack:-

sun tan pack

Image Source: Sun tan remove face pack

To remove suntan take yoghurt, sandal wood powder, aloe Vera mix those and apply on face and hands after drying take a wash.This pack clean your skin and give glow ness.

The Aesthetic of Coconut Milk for Face:-

coconut milk pack

Image Source:Coconut milk for face

The people who are 30 years old looks like aged people for that using coconut milk will regain glow of your face.

With the help of cotton bolls apply coconut milk on face and scrub smoothly for 20 minutes then make a face wash with cool water. It gives natural glow to your skin

Carrot Face Pack:-

Carrot pack

Image Source: Carrot face pack

Who have dry skin problems take one table spoon of carrot juice, one tea spoon honey in a bowel? Mix it gently and apply on face and wait for 20 minutes after make a face wash. Prepare this 3 times in a week.

It gives glowing skin and good moisturizing effect.

Black Heads or White Heads Problems:-

black heads

Image Source: Nose Black heads

To remove black or white heads take a bowel of water and heat it for 15 minutes then vaporize your face for 5 minutes with the help of cotton scrub on face. It removes black or white heads.


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