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natural skin care tips

Natural homemade skin care tips for women’s

natural glowing skin care

Freshness with aloe pulp: –

Freshness with aloe pulp

Image Source: Aloe pulp

For girls and women who are mostly dust and polluted, the face is fresh all day long after getting up in the morning and then rinsing the aloe pulp with tepid water after 20 minutes.

Check with strawberry face pack for oily skin:

strawberry pace pack for oily skin

Image Source: Strawberry face pack

Oral skin can be very irritating to those with oily skin during summer. Strawberries teeth treat oily skin well.

Take some strawberries, make a mash and add a few drops of lemon juice and mix it well.

Rinse with cold water will soften the oily skin. It also prevents aging shades in the face.

Beautiful feet with Neem leaves:

Beautiful feet with Neem leaves

Image Source: Neem leaves for Beautiful feet

A beautiful foot is a foot with no cracks and no black spots. We do not care about the feet.

Cracks are what cause us the most pain in the foot. The antifungal properties of neem leaves also leave a foot crack. Rub the paste with a spoonful of turmeric and apply it to the foot cracks and wash it off after half an hour.

Doing this often helps to eliminate foot cracks.

Cold water for oily skin:-

Cold water for oily skin

Image Source: Cold water

Use cool water, First washes the face. Oleaginous in the skin it helps in eliminating dust. Then rinse again with lukewarm water and wipe with a dry cloth.

Immediately after splashing cold water on the face, the pores are closed. Doing this twice a day can reduce the chance of acne on the face.

Brine (Salt water):

Brine (Salt water)

Image Source: Salt water

Add some salt in fresh water and fill it in a spray bottle. Spray this salt water with a face wash. This water regulates oily skin. Doing these two or three times a day can cause oily discoloration on the face.


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