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Natural homemade skin care tips for women’s

Natural skin care tips

The blackness of the lips Problem:-

The blackness of the lips Problem

Image Source: Blackness of the lips Problem

In two or three tablespoons of milk, sift the pomegranate into a paste. Apply this mixture on the lips and massage it for four to five minutes. and after Rinse with warm water.

The blackness of the lips diminishes and becomes a natural red. Stay dry.

Eyelids look pretty:-

Eyelids look pretty

Image Source: Eyelids look pretty

Add almonds, coconut oil and mustard in equal quantities and mix everything together. Dip the mascara brush into it and rub the eyelids. Eyelids look pretty, curly and full. It is better to apply the same oil to the eyebrows.

 Use Milk before doing makeup:-

Milk before doing makeup

Image Source: Use milk before doing makeup

Do the makeup  Before long gently massage the face with a spoonful of milk. After five minutes, rinse with lukewarm water and start with foundation and do other makeup. Your skin stay put fresh for longer.

Let’s do it … Lip Baum:-

Lip Baum

Image Source: Lip Baum

Coconut oil: Beeswax, coconut oil, a little honey, two vitamin-per-tablets should be taken in a large spoon. Put half the water in a bowl and put it on the stove. Put the Beeswax into another bowl and put it in a bowl of water.

Let it soften for a few minutes. This is known as the double boiling method.

Mix together the honey, coconut oil and vitamin in the dissolved beeswax. After spilling into small cans hardens for a while.

Glossy skin with butter:-

Glossy skin with butter

Image Source: glossy skin with butter

In the absence of moisturizers, many women face cream or butter. However, butter does not have any side effects, leaving the skin dry and glossy and shiny.


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