Natural homemade skin care tips for women’s, skin glowing tips-05

Natural skin glowing tips for women's

Natural homemade skin care tips for women’s

Natural skin care:-

Basil leaves for painful pimples:-

Basil leaves (tulasi)

Image Source: Basil Leaves

Take few leaves of basil (Tulasi) crush those leaves and take few drops of tulasi juice mix it with turmeric powder. Apply on pimples at night time keep it still morning and wash face with cool water…… It gives relief from painful pimples and decrease growth.

Watermelon for face freshness:-

Watermelon for fresh face

Image Source: Watermelon for face freshness

Take small piece of watermelon and smoothly scrub on face for 5 minutes…. It gives freshness to face.

Banana for pores on face:-

Image Source: Banana for pores on face

Take 4 pieces of banana and crush. Take 2 table spoons of milk and mix gently apply on face for 15 minutes and wash with cool water…. It gives good moisturizing effect on skin and decrease pores on face.

Red hibiscus flowers for hair fall and silky hair:-

hibiscus for hair loss and silky hair

Image Source: Red hibiscus flowers

Take 10 flowers of red hibiscus and take 250 ml coconut oil. Boil coconut oil with flowers for 10 minutes and filter this oil fill it in a bottle and use daily…… Less hair fall and gives silky hair.

Beauty with Marigold flowers:-

Beauty with Marigold

Image Source: Marigold flowers

Take 4 to 5 flowers of Marigold. Pick petals of flowers and make it as paste.One tea spoon of milk and honey mix with past then make it as face pack. apply this face pack  and wait for 15 minutes after make a face wash with slightly warm water.. It gives good glow to the face.

Camphor For Oily Skin:

Camphor for oily skin

Image source:Camphor Oil

Oily skin people use small amount of camphor, one table spoon of honey mixed paste apply on face and scrub smoothly then wash it after 5 minutes it gives good moisturizing effect and increases the blood circulation.


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