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Dietitian suggests that daily intake of sprouted nuts can have health benefits. Chickpeas can be eaten by all, regardless of age. They can also be served as breakfast and afternoon snacks. These seedlings are rich in nutrients. Let us know the benefits of eating seedlings.

Sprouts provide the body with the fiber, calcium, proteins, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, water and vitamin C it needs.

»Increasing the oxygen supply in the body.

»Prevents heart related illnesses and improves heart health.

»These are quickly digested.

»Losing constipation.

»Eliminates preradicals.

»Reduces acidity and inflammation in the stomach.

»Helps to lose weight.

»Sprouted seeds balance hormones.

»Not letting the fat grow.

»Helps the body’s organs to stay healthy.

»Protects hair health and prevents hair loss.

»Helps prevent cancer.

»It provides enough energy for the body.

Soya grains such as peanuts, pheasants, cherries and peanuts can be soaked in water and eaten after they have sprouts.

For extra seasoning, combine with finely chopped onions, finely chopped green gram, cilantro, and a pinch of salt.

Some of the sprouts are cooked and eaten as they are. However, it is advisable to cook the sprouts and steam.

If you want to cook in water, just pour enough water to keep the seeds soft. Too much water can damage their nutrients. Eating sprouted nuts is healthier than eating fast foods and snacks.


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