Stages followed by men after Breakup


Stages followed by men after Breakup:

Breakups are different for everyone, but men distance themselves from the heartbeat they experience.

While hiding feelings is a common talent, it is not always possible for them to hide their feelings and no matter how much they deny it, they will spend a tough time after saying goodbye to their relationship.

Or, after a breakup they go through some definite steps that will eventually lead them to move forward from their previous relationship.

Stage 1: Pride is high:

Pride is high

Men usually have a big ego, which is mostly suppressed in a relationship, but when it is over, their ego explodes. They take their time to go back into their own world and understand the many aspects of separation. At this point they are usually very irritated and bored.

Stage 2: Looking to stay away from society:

Looking to stay away from society

Men like to spend time having fun with other people and enjoy forgetting to break up as much as possible. They can’t process pain like women do and they try to hide it.

Spending time having fun with other people can help them forget the pain only for a short time, although they are more likely to suffer the rest of the day.

Stage 3: Realizing the fact:

Realizing the fact

After the stage where men try to temporarily forget the pain, they slowly realize the circumstances and the reason for the breakup. A man at this time, he was mentally but, suffering and lonely. This loneliness makes him think about finding happiness again or being alone for a while.

Stage 4: Acceptance:


This is the stage where men fully accept the fact that they are separated from the man they love, and now, there is no other way but to move forward.

This stage is fraught with anger and sadness over everything as men resort to questioning every purpose in their lives.

Stage 5: New Ideas and Old Beliefs:

New Ideas and Old Beliefs

At this stage men will slowly regain the lost confidence in their ex and look forward to having a friendly relationship with them, otherwise, they will completely forget about their ex to move forward in life.

They also look forward to meeting new people and coming out of the closed shell after a while.

Stage 6: Romance, Once Again:


This stage comes much later for some men or much earlier for others. This happens when a man is too comfortable dating someone again or moving on to a lonely life. It’s time for them to stop thinking about their previous relationship.

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