The benefits of banana fruit

benefits of banana fruit

Eating bananas daily can have health benefits. Banana fruit is rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and magnesium.

Lose weight?     

Eat apples every day and stay healthy. It is said that there is no need to go to the doctor. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables can lead to a healthy life. Eating fruits on a regular basis can keep you away from illnesses and infections. There are many benefits to eating cheap, all-season banana fruit. Banana weighing a hundred grams does not contain fat and cholesterol. Contains 258 milligrams of potassium, 2.6 grams of fiber, 14 percent vitamin C, 20 percent vitamin B6 and 6 percent magnesium. Therefore, eating only one banana a day is good health.

Beneficial for pregnant women:

Vitamin B6 in bananas is good for pregnant women. Vitamin B6 helps in the production of red blood cells, improves metabolism, eliminates unnecessary chemicals from the kidneys and liver. Especially in the stomach helps the baby grow.

Reduces asthma symptoms:

Eating bananas daily can help reduce asthma symptoms. Banana fruits are high in fiber and potassium. They reduce the BP and fight cancer. Free radicals prevent asthma and reduce asthma symptoms.

Good for the skin:

Banana fruits enhance skin health. Banana provides 13 percent of the manganese needed for the body. Vitamin C is also present in sufficient quantities in banana fruits. Banana is useful in reducing black circles, pimples and scars.

Banana fruits are very useful for those who want to lose weight. They are low in fat, low in calories and high in nutrients. A fully immature banana has a resistant scorch. It can also make you feel full and belly hungry. Thereby reducing weight. Banana fruits help to reduce muscle cramps and aches. People who exercise in the gym can eat bananas and relax.

The health of the kidneys can be improved:

Banana fruits contain high doses of potassium. It is good for bones and teeth. It is also useful for the health of the kidneys. One study found that women who ate 2-3 bananas a week were at lower risk of kidney disease.


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