The Benefits Of Multivitamins ABCD health and beauty

ABCD Vitamins for maintaining health and beauty

Smaller tasks can feel exhausting. Dry skin while looking. Face art fails. All rights reserved. For the most part, these are all small things. But this is not true. These are signs that our body is not getting enough vitamins. Usually our body is stocking A, B12 and D vitamins from time to time. However, any loss of storage can cause problems. These gradually become bigger problems. Otherwise, we should ensure that the vitamins in our diet are balanced. That’s why experts say.

A-vitamin that can keep infections away:


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Usually everyone thinks that a vitamin deficiency deficiency can reduce vision. But, daily decreases in the skin, excessively aggravating acne and cancer can increase the risk of free radicals. Considering a fat soluble vitamin, we can avoid the use of the virus regularly. This nutrient is often required by the body to reduce the risk of heart disease, neurological problems and certain types of cancers in women after menopause. Vitamin D is needed to prevent kidney stones, diarrhea and hunger. It is a vitamin that helps strengthen teeth and bones.

This includes:

animal liver, codliver oil, carrots, broccoli, potatoes, butter, lettuce, pumpkin, eggs, milk, dairy products, corn, turmeric, and saffron, red and green fruits.



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B6 can alleviate premature abdominal pain, morning sickness in pregnancy, severe fatigue, and arthritis in the forties. This nutrient boosts hemoglobin in the blood and helps keep blood sugar levels in balance. Gives the body the energy it needs. Since menopause and women have heart problems after menopause, this nutrient must be provided from time to time to keep them in control. Studies have shown that B6 lowers blood homocysteine ​​levels and prevents heart disease.

In what materials?

Bananas can be taken daily if this nutrient is given regularly. Meat, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, chicken, eggs, legumes and potatoes are high.

Without anemia:

Anemia severely bothers those who are child-bearing, such as in the beginning of the month. One of the main causes of this is B12 deficiency. Among vegetarians, vegan dieters are more likely to have this nutrient deficiency. Its deficiency reduces the production of red blood cells. Headache, heart palpitations, constipation and palpitations are all problems associated with B12 deficiency. Women who suffer from this defect can become pregnant if they become pregnant and have developmental problems. This nutrient must be kept up to date to avoid the risk of osteoporosis and certain types of cancer.

These include:

fish, chicken, eggs, milk and dairy products. Some soy products also provide this nutrient.



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Studies have shown that vitamin C deficiency in pregnant women has no impact on the brain. This nutrient is essential for the immune system to grow and keep the skin, gums and hips healthy. If we are getting irritated and angry, we should know that the vitamin in our body is reduced. The solution is to take proper nutrition to avoid problems such as joints, muscle aches and jitter. Some people take it in the form of pills but if the dose increases, there are no problems like nausea and indigestion. So it is best to take it through the diet.

You should eat:

lemons, grapes, guava, strawberries, capsicum, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, saliva, tomatoes



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This nutrient is essential for preventing heart disease, wrinkles, and daily intake of calcium and phosphate. Research shows that sixty-two percent of people with this nutrient deficiency are at increased risk for heart disease. Problems such as osteoporosis, bone pain, muscle weakness, diabetes and hypertension are some of the causes of nutritional deficiency. This deficiency is more common in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. The vitamin D we get through diet is very low. That is why you should take it as a supplement if needed. This deficiency is more common in middle-aged women who are beyond menopause, in pregnant women, and in PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), who are high in blood sugar. So this error should be observed and minimized from time to time.

You should eat it:

fish, eggs, mushrooms, and nutritious milk.


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