The death of the COVID-19 corona virus is a must?

The death of the COVID-19 coronavirus virus is a must?


Man-to-man disease:

Man-to-man disease

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The disease, which began in China, is now shaking the world. The virus, which is caused by snakes, is quickly found in pets. Spreading through them to men. Similarly, this disease from man to man  is increasing with cough, sneezing and shake hand.

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Symptoms of the disease:

sneezing, rash, colds, fever

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Image source:sneezing, rash, colds, fever

Cold before the onset of the disease. Symptoms include sneezing, rash, colds, fever, headache. It reaches the lungs without stopping here. This can lead to pneumonia. It should be noticed and taken care of in advance.

Death within 28 days:

within 28 days

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If no coronavirus virus is available, no vaccine is available. Experts say that the disease is getting closer to death every day. Especially in people who are infected, the immune system is damaged. In addition, people who already have other health problems are said to lose their lives quickly. Many say they will die within 28 days. Experts say people with other health problems are more likely to die earlier than those who suffer from earlier health problems. So one should not take care of this.

Away from pets:


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To avoid this disease caused by pets, we must first avoid pets. Dogs and cats who like them should avoid them. This is because the virus spreads.

Precautions in diet:


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Food should be taken care of. Diets like green turmeric, mango ginger, ginger, lemon and vitamin C food should be included in the diet. By doing so, many coroners are not alone. Take more water, Drink warm water with nail. If you drink this, you will avoid all other health problems.

They don’t want this:

junk food

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Reduce food intake, stay away from junk food, and avoid strangers. Reduce giving shake hands. It is very good to stay away from strangers.

It is important to take care of yourself before you get sick, rather than suffer. That is why everybody should adopt proper lifestyle and diet. Mostly water intake. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Similarly, going to crowded areas should definitely be done with nosebleeds. Do not make physical contact with strangers. It is important to keep in mind that this can lead to many health problems.

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