typhoid and dengue fever that is spreading in the rainy season

dengue vs typhoid fevers

How to identify syndromes during the rainy season?

Let’s find out about the typhoid and dengue fever that is spreading in the rainy season today

Typhoid and dengue fever first one is dengue:

 Dengue fever:-

* This fever is caused by the dengue virus, which causes Mosquitoes bite only during the day time.

*dengue fever starts things out and after that dies down for three days.

* This is a typical fever that accompanies the utilization of crocin-like medications.

* But it is dangerous to take your own medicine without detecting dengue fever.

Dengue symptoms are similar:-

Dengue Symptoms

Image source: Dengue symptoms

 How to Find Dengue Hazardous:-

* If the fever has increased exponentially and decreased. Armature decreases the                                               percentage of platelets in the body.

* In this case, the diagnosis is dengue, but with supportive care the disease can be controlled.

* If the platelets are reduced, the fever is reduced!  If you do not meet with doctors, the blood is pumped out of the fluid.

* It is very serious.

* If platelets are decreased, treat them effectively.

* But in the ‘dengue hemorrhagic fever’ where blood is caught, interior organs start to get harmed.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever:-

*which affects organs, becomes ‘common dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever which affects the major organs of the body – the lungs, kidneys and liver.

* At this stage, symptoms like fatigue, rashes on the skin and abdominal pain.

* Of course, not all patients with dengue can reach this point.

* Usually 90% of   people who are infected with dengue use fever pills and rest easy.

* Only two out of 100 people reach the stage of ‘dengue hemorrhagic fever.

* To avoid this stage, you should consult your doctor immediately after the fever.

How to detect dengue:-


Image source: Dengue test kit

*fever can be diagnosed with dengue serology test. Elijah and LS1 also diagnose fever, with the help of kits to detect dengue at home.


* Once dengue is diagnosed, effective treatment can help reduce fever without causing much damage.

* Due to the dengue effect, the blood is thicker, so take as much fluids as possible.

* You should start using paracetamol tablets while you rest.

* Dengue does not require steroids or antibiotics.

* However, in some cases of dengue virus, secondary infections begin.


*Typhoid fever is normally brought about by drinking polluted water.

*Salmonella typhi and salmonella loss of movement cause bacterial typhoid.

* Infectious nourishment and water containing these microscopic organisms start the ailment with fever.

* When typhoid arrives, fever past 104 degrees can cause cerebral pains, Headaches and appetite.

* These microscopic organisms, which enter the body alongside sustenance, enter the white platelets in the liver, gallbladder and bone marrow.

* Antibiotics can detect disease with stool or blood test and control typhoid.


I’m sharing about the basic knowledge and  The more you share knowledge , the more knowledge grows.

If you have any questions and complaints and more information for consult your “Family Doctor” or “Personal “Doctor”.

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