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vitamins that play a key role in women’s health balance for a healthy life


Vitamins balance for a healthy life?

Today, let’s learn about vitamins that play a key role in women’s health.

First let’s know what the actual vitamins are.


vitamins that play a key role in women’s health in daily basis.


Image source: High rich vitamin vegetables

»Energy is essential for muscle function, The food we eat is digested and converted into glucose and we  get energy from it.Besides that, you need more important ingredients.

»The most important of them are vitamins usually obtained through the food we eat,  Vitamins can be supplied in the form of pills to the body in an emergency or reserve.

Vitamin Pills:-

Vitamin pills

Image source: Vitamin Pills

»But there are disagreements about giving vitamins in pill form, Also, certain vitamins should only be taken in fixed doses.

»If the dose is too high, it may have to deal with dangerous conditions, Sometimes death can unexpectedly happen, Therefore, vitamin pills should be taken only with the advice of doctors.

»Let’s find out what these vitamins are, health hazards and what foods are rich in vitamins.  .

How Many Types of Vitamins:-

»Total seven types of vitamins. They contain vitamins such as A, B, C, D, E and K varieties.

Vitamins can be classified in two ways!

»Insoluble A, D, E, K vitamins.  They remain soluble in fat, B and C vitamins are soluble in water.

»Our bodies need small amounts of insoluble vitamins, But ‘these are essential. They are only available in certain foods.

»We all have a lot of foods that contain the same water soluble vitamins, But they are also impair by lifestyle change and eating habits.

»Vitamin A, D, E and K are not damaged by food heating, except B and C vitamins can destroy food if warmed up. It is therefore widely available that B and C are deficient in vitamins.

we learn about Vitamin -A :-

Vitamin A:-


Image source: Vitamin-A vegetables

»Vitamin A contributes to good eyesight, glossy skin and muscle tone, Acting as an antioxidant that regulates free radicals in the body.

»Helps children grow, Prevents damage to cells in the body,  protection of blood vessels and the tissues in the layers of various organs.

»Helps keep the teeth, immune system and mucous membranes around the various organs healthy. 80- 90 Percentage of all vitamin -A in our body is  store in the liver.

Vitamin A Performance:-

»Vitamin A function investigated by Providence St. John’s Health Center medical scientist Sherry Ross of California, USA.

»Vitamin A contributes to the proper functioning of vital organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys, as well as cell division and growth in the body.

»Vitamin A needs about 900 micrograms per day for men and 700 micrograms for women. Vitamin a is very low in rice.

»Therefore, the deficiency is most common in South and East Asian countries, as well as in our country, where rice is a staple food.


I’m sharing about the basic knowledge and  The more you share knowledge , the more knowledge grows.

If you have any questions and complaints and more information for consult your “Family Doctor” or “Personal “Doctor”.

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