What is Corona….! This is the real reason for the corona virus

What is Corona….! This is the real reason for the corona virus.

In Latin, corona means crown. The virus was named after the virus was seen in the microscope and was crown shaped. The virus was discovered in the 1960s, which has a profound effect on the respiratory system. Six types of corona viruses have been identified so far. These are mostly birds and mammals. But, the latest outbreak of corona virus is having a profound effect on humans. The virus was named the 2019 Naval Corona Virus. The meat of snakes is in full demand in Wuhan City. That is why all the people who come here taste these recipes.

Some studies show that this deadly virus in snakes is infected by humans eating them. Although there is no definitive evidence for how the virus actually originated… Scientists believe that it has been transmitted from bats to snakes to snakes. Screening tests are being conducted especially for passengers returning to China. Do they have any of these corona virus features That is. If in doubt .. immediately take preventive measures for them.

In fact, there is currently no vaccine for this new corona virus, and no anti-treatment is available. Prevention is the only way .. It is impossible to tell how long the virus will live. Don’t the survivors survive the vaccine World Health Organization officials say they should take precaution as a precautionary measure. Under current conditions, it is advisable not to travel to Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, France, US and Saudi countries.


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