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Women with diabetes are a greater threat


Women with diabetes are a greater threat

Men have a higher risk of heart failure than men.

Heart failure is 41% higher in women than in men with type-1

A recent study by Oxford Varsity researchers reveals

Medical professionals have long known that diabetes is linked to heart failure.

But the effect is significantly higher in women than in men, according to researchers from the University of Oxford’s George Institute for Global Health.

Their study found that women, especially men with type-1 diabetes, had a 47 percent higher risk of heart failure. Women with type-2 diabetes are at higher risk for men than men.

From January 1966 to November 2018, they analyzed the results of 14 previous studies and drafted their own research paper. The paper was published in the Journal of Diabetology.

“Women with diabetes are at greater risk of heart failure than women who are not normally diabetic,” said San Peters, who led the study.

According to World Health Organization statistics, the number of diabetes sufferers worldwide in 1980 was 10.8 crore, and by 2014 it reached 42.2 crore.

Against this backdrop, the researchers suggested that lifestyle changes should be made to prevent diabetes.

San Peters noted that eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly reduces the risk of diabetes.

There is no satisfactory answer to the question of why people with diabetes suffer from heart failure. Peters said the investigation is ongoing.

Diabetic sufferers do not:

Smoking and drinking is a must. Women have a higher risk of diabetes if they have this habit.

Fat levels in the body should be evaluated. Care should be taken not to accumulate fat.

Avoid foods that increase blood sugar levels.


Nutrition should be taken.

If high blood pressure is a problem, it should be controlled.

You need to exercise regularly. Stay active while staying together.


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